Don’t Overlook the Greatness of Black Thought

Due to the high levels of output in the music industry, especially in the hip-hop realm, it is incredibly easy for any given release to get lost in the shuffle. This, of course, leaves almost everyone vulnerable to a terrible fate: missing out on truly excellent music.

This past week has seen releases from J.I.D, Meek Mill, Earl Sweatshirt, 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, and literally so, so much more. However, one album that I fret will go under-appreciated is Streams of Thought, Vol. 2, by The Roots frontman Black Thought and acclaimed producer Salaam Remi

Black Thought is (at least in my estimation) the greatest rapper of all time that isn’t mentioned enough in the conversations surrounding the greatest rapper of all time. From “Fentanyl” onward, there is nary a wasted line or whack bar spat anywhere across this project, as Black Thought delivers his familiar dose of dauntless lyricism and conscious thought in this sequel to the first Streams of Thought EP he put out back in June.

Don’t let this album get lost in the fray.


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